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Making A Playlist

The playlist is one of the most important elements for your DJ.

In this Blog post I am going to provide you with a few easy ways, to get the perfect music to ensure your wedding party is to your taste.

Music is vast and so are individual genres, what you may think is Funk, Motown and Soul, could be completely different to another person.

Or What I call house may not be what you call house.

This is why it is important that you specify what your exact taste.

As a professional DJ, I can mix anything, however to great atmosphere for your wedding it is important to to know as much about you and your guests as possible.

Option 1

Create a What's App group with a section of your guests, and ask them for their favourite music.

This is great a option allowing the dj to gather the information directly from the guests.

Good ways to do this would include a live spread sheet, including the DJ in the group, or even a shared Spotify playlist.

Option 2

Create a playlist yourself

Firstly think of all of your favourite songs and think of songs that trigger memories, another way of doing this is to create a Spotify playlist, and put as much music in it as possible and send the link it to your DJ.

Secondly, remember to include your partner and don't rush this.

Option 3

Add a line on your RSVP for your guests favourite song, this can then be added to your playlist and forwarded over to your DJ.

This is another great option for as it gives the DJ an insight into the dynamics of the room.

Things to consider;

Please consider the music your guests would like to hear, and think of music that triggers memories of them.

Be thorough.

The more music the better.

Please get this done with good time, to allow your DJ to prepare a set.

Not all songs will be suitable for the DJ set, a good DJ will work out a set that will match your party from what you provide and research around the music you have provided, however include all of these songs in your list, as it allows the DJ to know more about you.

How would you like to to switch up th party from the first dance.

What to include:

First Dance

Father of the Bride

Things you may want to include:

The after first dance switch up (usually more energetic song to get all guests on the dance floor)

Last song

Brides Maids dance/performance

Stags / Groomsmen Performance

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