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Selecting your music or DJ for your event

In this Post I will be offering some helpful advice to make sure your music fits your event.

A DJ plays in a 5 hours set depending on mixing style between 160 to 300 songs, so it is fair to say, planning is the key to success.

You have to remember that there is millions of songs, and if the DJ does not know what you like they will revert back to their comfort zone.

Here are some questions to ask yourself

Who is going to be coming to the party?

Family friends, what do they like

What age group/split?

If its mostly teenagers then new pop music will be popular

If the group is 30-50 then anything from Pop - RnB - Motown - 90s - 80s

If 200 people are coming, who are there party starters?

These are people who once they hear their favourite song the are off

Is there a theme?

One of my favourite clients, had a wife who loved Madonna, so we always knew of an artist to come back to.

Can you think of 25-100 songs that you love?

if you can give this to your dj

Who is your favourite musician? Do your friends know this?

If everyone knows you like Blondie then everyone will dance when it comes on

Does your DJ sound/look fun?

A DJ who loves what he/she does will be evident when he/she plays

How long have they been DJ?

Just because a DJ has been playing for 20 years this does not mean that they are good, are they still relevant, do they keep their music and equipment up to date?

Does thew DJ Mix live?

Does your Dj Plays on turntables of on a Jukebox

What equipment does the DJ have?

What are you getting for the price lighting, equipment and booth, dance floor

Most things can be hired in like a dance floor, letters, smoke and lasers.

There is so much to think of please if you do need help contact me, I am a trained event manager as well as DJ so I will be able to help.


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